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Custom G-10 G-Mascus Pistol Grips

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G-10 is a composite material known for its high strength and low moisture absorption. Naturally, it produces fantastic results for grip strength and efficiency. Here you’ll find an extensive inventory of Hogue G-10 grips, among many other top brands of 1911 tactical grips and custom G-10 grips.

These elite-quality pistol grips are sure to provide maximum comfort, not to mention a style all of their own. Available in various colors and sizes, you’re bound to find the right fit for your firearm. Browse through the many VZ Grips brand engraved designs to find the right style for you. In addition to the many modern designs and logos, you’ll be satisfied with the overall feel of your pistol. Stand apart from the crowd! The strength and durability of G-10 is sure to make a difference, too.

The combination of fit, form and function in our G-10 1911 grips will easily lead to better firing at the range, on the hunt or for other recreational uses. So order yours today!

*****If you're ordering from Canada we will need to contact you to let you know how much your actual shipping costs will be.*****